June 11, 2024

Fully Funded Luxembourg Scholarships 2024/2025

Despite its little size, Luxembourg is a serious contender among other study abroad destinations for international students. The country’s standing in the Times Higher Education Global University Rankings has been rising steadily over the past few years. If it were given more attention, it would soon be able to compete with the best colleges in the world.

Despite the fact that it is continually expanding, Luxembourg is well-liked for its many different aspects. It is widely recognized as Europe’s premier hub for investment management. For international students, the best part about studying in Luxembourg is not just the high quality of its universities, but also the abundance of scholarships and financial aid opportunities. For this reason, it shouldn’t come as a shock if Luxembourg rapidly becomes the country of choice for international students.

List Of Fully Funded Luxembourg Scholarships

University of Luxembourg Scholarships

Students at the University of Luxembourg can apply for financial aid through the Centre de Documentation et d’Information sur l’Enseignement supérieur, which is run by the Luxembourg government. Nevertheless, applications are restricted to students who are EU/EEA nationals or permanent residents of a third country who are currently enrolled in a Luxembourg-based educational institution. A fixed-rate principal loan of 2% and a scholarship of the same amount are part of the financial aid package. Scholarships for students from partner countries are offered by the Ministry of International and European Affairs of Luxembourg and are managed by the University of Luxembourg.

The award will cover both school expenses and living expenses. Nonetheless, international students pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree in the country are also eligible for a scholarship from the Ministry of Higher Education and Research. Certain programs, including those leading to a Master’s degree in logistics and supply chain, even provide fee waivers. 

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Luxembourg School of Business Scholarships

There are a few financial aid opportunities for students interested in earning an MBA at the Luxembourg School of Management. The International Entrepreneur Scholarship is one such opportunity. Business owners who desire to expand their horizons and their skill set can benefit from this scholarship program. Through this scholarship program, up to 75% of the total cost of attendance will be covered.

The second kind of award is the merit-based one. These awards are given to deserving pupils, as the name would imply. These awards can cover up to half of your overall education costs. Both awards require candidates to hold a bachelor’s degree in addition to two years of relevant work experience. Further information on the institute’s scholarship program can be found on the institute’s website.

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European Business University of Luxembourg Scholarships

There are a few scholarship programs available to help students with college costs. The first is the EBU Scholarship program, which awards financial aid to students from select nations in Africa, Central/South America, and Asia. Students with these scholarships have the choice of completing their coursework entirely online or attending campus for a single week each semester.

Full-time students who demonstrate exceptional academic performance are eligible for the Academic Scholarship Program, the second award opportunity. Each semester, the prize recipients will receive a monetary benefit toward their educational costs. Students who get scholarships must keep their grade point average above a certain threshold. 

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Sacred Heart University Scholarships

MBA students at Jack Welch College of Business & Technology can qualify for financial aid in the form of scholarships. These scholarships provide a considerable discount toward the cost of the MBA education but do not cover it entirely. Students’ GMAT scores are one factor that is considered while determining their eligibility for merit-based scholarships.

In the event that a GMAT score is not available, the applicant’s grade point average and any other achievements will be evaluated. In addition to this, students have the opportunity to apply for paid internships as well as housing that is provided at a reduced cost. Visit the website of Sacred Heart University in order to obtain additional information regarding the university’s scholarship opportunities.

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Max Planck Luxembourg Ph.D. Scholarships

Scholarships are available for international PhD students at the Max Planck Luxembourg Institute. It is expected that they will be used to cover the costs associated with their time spent conducting research at the institution. Students conducting research in any of the institute’s areas and hoping to join the Institute’s Department of European and Comparative Procedural Law or Department of International Law and Dispute Resolution are encouraged to apply for the scholarship.

Recipients of scholarships receive a regular monthly stipend. In addition to having access to the library at the university, they will also have their own desk in the reading room. See the institute’s webpage for further details.

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Lunex University Scholarships

Due to its difficult acceptance rate and stringent entrance procedure, Lunex University in Luxembourg is not easy to get into. So, international applicants who wish to enroll in BA, MS, and Ph.D. programs through scholarship grants must put up more effort. While all programs are delivered in English, applicants are instructed to show English language certifications or B2 level scores. The Jeunesse d’Esch Scholarship, International Scholarships, State Combination Scholarships, Athletes Scholarships, and Goals International Master Scholarships are important Lunex University scholarships, on the other hand.

By paying the one-time registration cost of €595, you can take advantage of the fantastic opportunity to get free tuition up until the degree is earned and infinite financial and academic benefits.

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Brookins Business Institute Scholarships

The prestigious Brookins Business Institute, popularly known as BBI, is now accepting applications from international students hailing from nations with lower per capita incomes. These candidates have the opportunity to acquire fee exemptions and sponsorship for their Bachelor’s and Master’s degree studies in a variety of disciplines through partnered scholarships. 

Those who are interested can apply for scholarships offered by the China Scholarship Council (CSC) in conjunction with the Chinese government, as well as other scholarships offered by Queen Margaret University and the Business Science Institute that focus on regional, international, and academic merit. IELTS and TOEFL are the only two language tests that BBI will accept as proof of language proficiency for scholarship consideration.

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CEDIES Scholarships

CEDIES (Centre de Documentation et d’Information sur l’Enseignement supérieur) is a government scholarship from the Luxembourg Government. Students who are currently enrolled in higher education and who are residents of a member state of either the European Union (EU) or the European Economic Area (EEA) are eligible to apply. Students who are originally from a nation of the third world but have made Luxembourg their permanent home are also eligible for this award offered by Luxembourg.

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