June 11, 2024

Fully Funded Greenland Scholarships 2024/2025

We are pleased to announce that there are a variety of fully funded international scholarships available for you to pursue your academic and professional goals. These scholarships offer financial support, including tuition, living expenses, and travel costs, for study abroad programs, research opportunities, and other educational initiatives.

Whether you are interested in pursuing higher education in a specific field, such as science or the arts, or simply want to broaden your cultural horizons and expand your knowledge of the world, these scholarships provide a unique opportunity to do so.

We encourage you to explore the many fully funded international scholarship options available to you and to take advantage of this opportunity to further your education and personal growth.

List Of Fully Funded International Scholarships For Greenland Students 

Emile Boutmy Scholarship in France

Through the Emile Boutmy Scholarship Program, it is possible for students from other countries to receive a full education funding while studying in France.

The scholarship is open to students enrolled in either the Bachelor’s or Master’s degree programs at Science Po University. Public education is provided at the SciencePo University in Paris, France. The application process is open to any and all students from other countries who are not citizens of the European Union. It is not necessary to be a member of the European Union.

The majority of Sciences Po’s majors place it at the top of the rankings in France. Scholarships for undergraduates are typically awarded for a period of three years, while those for master’s degrees are typically awarded for a period of two years. This scholarship opportunity in France has an online application process.

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Tampere University Scholarships

Scholarships to study at Tampere University are currently being accepted for the 2023 academic year from international students. This scholarship applies to Bachelor’s level and Master’s level program(s) in the All Subjects field offered by Tampere University. The application for the scholarship must be submitted by January 11th, 2023.

Students obliged to pay tuition fees in Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs provided in English are eligible for the Tampere University Scholarships Programme. Candidates for master’s degree programs can be considered for scholarships offered by Finland. The University of Tampere wants to acknowledge its students that excel academically and are driven to succeed.

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Fully Funded Middle East Youth Summit in Saudi Arabia

Applications are now being accepted for the Saudi Arabia-hosted Middle East Youth Summit in 2023. This is your chance to attend the Middle East Youth Event 2023, an international summit in Saudi Arabia. Applications for this year’s conferences are currently available. All foreign applicants from all over the world are eligible to apply for the MEYS 2023. From February 28 to March 3, 2023, the event will take place under the theme “Building world civilization with Islamic brotherhood.”

With more than 100 people showing up in one. They will stand in for their beloved nation as they recover collectively and work toward a more robust and better future.

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Funded Scholarship at Troy University

In addition to its four campuses located in Alabama, Troy University currently welcomes applicants from sixty different teaching locations located in seventeen other states and eleven other countries. There are over one hundred thousand people who have graduated high school or college in each of the fifty states in the United States and in other countries.

According to Forbes’ rankings for 2019, Troy University is the 640th best university in the United States. The complete ranking on Forbes’ website, which also takes into account how well a graduate does after entering the workforce, is used to determine how valuable the degrees that university students earn.

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Scholarships Of Excellence, France

Scholarships for Outstanding Performance 2023 will mark the beginning of international student enrollment in France. A master’s degree program in the arts, humanities, social sciences, mathematics, computer science, physics, chemistry, or science can be taken at the University of Lyon or ENS de Lyon, thanks to this scholarship. The application period for the scholarship will close on January 10th, 2023.

For international students with an outstanding academic background who wish to enroll in the Master’s program at the ENS de Lyon, the school and its partners provide financial assistance in the form of scholarships (Ampère, MILYON, and Quan TEdu-France Scholarships). The scholarships will only cover a portion of the costs. The ENS de Lyon may be found in Lyon, which is located in France.

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Fully Funded University of Warwick International Scholarships

At the University of Warwick’s School of Engineering, the International PhD Scholarships are open to exceptional candidates who wish to pursue further education in the field of engineering. Students from other countries are eligible to receive funding for the session 2023/2024.

The University of Warwick International Scholarship is designed to offer financial assistance to candidates from the United Kingdom, the European Union, and other countries who are interested in pursuing a doctoral degree at the institution.

The School of Engineering at Warwick is recognized as one of the most prestigious unified engineering schools in the United Kingdom. Their multidisciplinary approach to teaching in engineering brings together the various subfields of engineering and capitalizes on the institution’s research prowess in fundamental engineering fields.

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Fully Funded Copenhagen University Ph.D. Scholarship in Denmark

The Ph.D. Scholarships at Copenhagen University are fully financed awards for international students. The slots are open for three years. This offer includes a pension and a starting monthly income of about 3,678 EUR (level as of April 2020) or 27,590 DKK.

UCPH wants to ensure that each faculty member and academic staff member has a satisfying career path and that their educational development is ongoing. This includes ensuring that each researcher’s possible career route is obvious and that career management is given organized support.

You can progress your career internationally as a Ph.D. student at the University of Copenhagen by working with a top-notch research team. At UCPH, more than 700 new Ph.D. candidates are accepted each year. In a global setting, the University of Copenhagen offers cutting-edge research.

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FIAS International Fellowship Programme in France

The RFIEA Foundation is pleased to announce the fellowships program, which will last for a period of ten months and is open to researchers from all nations. Applications to participate in the FIAS International Fellowship Programme are now being accepted for the academic term 2022/2023.

There are a total of 37 open fellowship positions; four of them are located in Aix-Marseille, three in the Loire Valley (Orléans-Tours), ten in Lyon, three in Montpellier, four in Nantes, and thirteen in Paris.

All IAS have come to an agreement on basic requirements, which include the payment of a living stipend (currently set at 2,700 euros per month), coverage for social security, housing, a budget for research and training, as well as compensation of travel expenses.

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Fully Funded Scholarship at Hansen Summer Institute

The Hansen Leadership Institute has extended an invitation to the Hansen Summer Institute Summer Exchange Program for 2023 to take place in the United States of America. In the United States of America, there is a program called the HSI Program that is an exchange for leaders in the field of peacemaking. The Hansen Scholarship is an exchange program that is wholly sponsored and free of charge, and it will pay for all of your living expenses while you are in the United States studying abroad. A cultural immersion experience, the Hansen Summer Institute in the United States lasts for three weeks. The HSI Summer School is accepting applications from students from the United States as well as other nations.

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University of Chichester International Scholarships

Scholarships are an excellent method to offset the expense of your education. High-achieving applicants can now apply for Global Merit Scholarships thanks to the University of Chichester.

International students who wish to enroll in undergraduate and graduate degree programs at the University of Chichester will be given financial assistance through the University of Chichester International Scholarship.

The University of Chichester was founded in 1839 and was granted university status in 2005. It is a public university in West Sussex, England. It continues to operate 14 departments that offer specialized courses in fields like athletics, the humanities, musical theater, engineering, computing, business, and education.

Successful undergraduate candidates will be awarded scholarships from the educational fund in the form of a £1,500 fee reduction per year for up to three years. The scholarship will be made available to postgraduate candidates at the University of Chichester as a single fee reduction of £2,500.

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